Composition, relevance and credibility of the partnership

The partnership of the project is composed of 7 partners from the Med area, plus Castilla y Leon :

- the ODARC, Corsica (France), as project leader, in charge of components 0 and 1,
- the Region of Castilla y Leon (Spain), in charge of components 2 and 5,
- the region of Sardinia (Italy), in charge of component 3,
- the Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (France), in charge of component 4,
- the Region of Murcia (Spain),
- the Region of Western Macedonia (Greece),
- the Prefecture of Magnesia (Greece),
- the Region of Istria (Croatia).

The experience of Castilla y Leon is essential for the success of the project because of its experience and the pedagogic qualities of Urbion « Model Forest ». Urbion is a model of achievement for the whole Mediterranean, as the partners were able to note on March the 13th and 14th, 2008 at a recent meeting in Penaranda del Duero (Castilla y Leon).
The partnerships will host as external experts national representatives responsible for the forest of Mediterranean third-countries. They will bring their complementary experience, a very rich one for the North of the Mediterranean, in terms of partnership approach for the forest at a large-scale level, in particular :
- the High Commissariat for Waters and Forests and fight against desertification of Morocco (ongoing experience in the cedar tree forest landscape of the middle Atlas range),
- the General directorate for forests of Algeria (experience of the Wilaya of Kenchela, wildfires prevention model through the peasant use of forest resource under contract with the state services),
- the General directorate for forests of Tunisia (example of the cork oak and myrtle forest of Kroumirie),
- the Directorate for forests of the Ministry of the environment of Turkey (example of integrated development in the Orman forests).